New Annual Maintenance Service Package

In addition to a screw change and full rescreen of your enclosure, consider a yearly maintenance package to care for your investment. It can be dangeous and time consuming to clean your own gutters, especially if you are elderly, let us handle it for you.

If your enclosure has issues with:

  • Mold

  • Moss

  • Algea

  • Leaf or Pine Needle Buildup

  • Gutters Clogging

  • Rust or Corrosion






Our Annual Maintenance Service Package Includes:

  • Pressure Washing of Deck and Enclosure

  • Initial Installation of Gutter Guard and Gutter Cleaning

  • Free Repair of Two Damaged Screen Panels per year

  • Removal of Debris from Roof of Enclosure

  • Screen Door Maintenance

  • Cable Tightening

  • Inspection for Structural Issues or Recommendation to Refurbish

  • 15% Discount for Full Rescreen or Storm Damage Rebuild

Only an initial investment of $800 and then $400/year afterwards!

Great for Real Estate Investors with multiple properties to care for!




* Cost of Full Rescreen and Screw Change NOT  Included.