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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do we have a preferred method of Payment?

A: Yes, we do. Due to ease of payment, tax and payroll tracking requirements, increasing check and credit card fraud, time required for checks to clear, etc., our preferred method of payment has become Square. We accept all major credit cards and there is no extra fee to pay with your card. Personal checks are accepted, but it may delay the start of the job by 2-3 business days.









Q: Do we require a deposit to begin work?

A: With smaller repairs under $400, no deposit is typically required. For any full rescreen or repair totaling more than $400, a deposit of half the total amount is required to cover material, gas, and expenses while work is being completed. The balance is due upon completion of the contracted work.

Q: Do we give refunds? 

A: There are no refunds given for material and scheduling deposits. Once you are on the schedule, please wait for me to get to your job. Do not go with someone else that can get there sooner. 


Q: Will we match someone else's estimate or lower our price to compete for a bid?

A: In the event that you receive a lower written estimate from a licensed and insured competitor, but would like to work with Bold City Screens, Inc. instead, please e-mail a .pdf version of their estimate for comparison and consideration. All written estimates must be on another companies designated estimate sheet or contract.

Q: Do we give free estimates or is there a service charge?

A: All estimates are free. If the estimate is for a small repair or non-warrantied repair, and not a full rescreen, there is a $65 service charge included in the itemized cost of the estimate. Under certain circumstances and at the full discretion of Bold City Screens, Inc. or it's representatives, this service charge may be negotiable, i.e. if the work is completed upon the same trip as the estimate is given.






























Q: Do we carry General Liability Insurance?


A: Bold City Screens, Inc. is covered with a 1 & 2 million dollar General Liability policy, a copy of which is available upon request.













Q: Do we carry Workers Compensation Insurance?


A: Bold City Screens, Inc. is compliant with all Workers Compensation Insurance requirements.

    https://apps8.fldfs.com/proofofcoverage/Search.aspx  - Division of Worker's Compensations Compliance Search


Q: Is Bold City Screens, Inc. a licensed company?


A: Bold City Screens, Incorporated has a Florida State issued business license to operate, which can be verified through http://search.sunbiz.org/Inquiry/CorporationSearch/ByName 

Q: Is Bold City Screens, Inc. bonded?

A: Bold City Screens, Inc. was covered by a $100,000 Bond during 2017, a copy of which is available upon request. 










Q: How long will the work take to complete?

A: Most rescreens take anywhere from 3-6 days to complete. The actual time to complete each job varies by weather, time of year, surrounding area, i.e. hedges around an enclosure increase the time it takes to screen the walls, available deck space for equipment set up, and type of work being completed, i.e. screw changes are very labor intensive and add at least two days to any rescreen. All scheduling or completion dates are estimates only. Our company is committed to providing a higher quality of work with less emphasis on rushing through each job. In the event that you need the work completed by a certain date, that must be submitted in writing at the signing of the contract when deposit is made.









Q: Do we warranty our work?

A: Yes, a three (3) year warranty covering defects in material or workmanship is specified on our contract.


Q: Does Bold City Screens, Inc. install each panel individually, per engineering and code requirements?

A: Yes, each panel of screen is rolled into each section individually. We do not "roll over" purlins, roll "end-to-end", or roll them in "runs", and there is no such thing as a "seamless application". In order to maintain the high quality standard which is the foundation of our business, all work is completed by Bold City Screens, Inc. hired and trained employees.